Evaluation report – pilot Hearing room

Posted on 03rd May 2016
Dark haired teenage boy sitting against wall

In July 2015 SCRA launched a new-look Hearing room in Glasgow. This was a pilot initiative following feedback from children and young people.

The Hearing room was given a complete makeover with more colourful and child friendly furniture and fittings.

After it was launched, we carried out a feedback survey to get the views of everyone using the room, including children and young people, their parents/carers, Panel Members, Reporters, Social Workers, advocates and lawyers. A total of 198 individuals took part in the survey – 133 professionals and 65 young people, parents and carers.

The overall response to the Pilot Hearing Room was positive. The majority of those who took part in the survey preferred the Pilot Hearing Room to a ‘standard’ Hearing Room:

  • 83% of professionals
  • 74% of Panel Members
  • 98% of parents and carers
  • 100% of young people.

An evaluation report prepared by SCRA’s Information and Research Team is now available. The report also contains a list of recommendations going forward. Click here to read it.

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