Kinship Carers information guide

Posted on 26th Apr 2016
Teenage girl sitting against orange wall

SCRA has produced a new information guide for Kinship Carers.

The aim of the guide is to provide carers with more information about the Children’s Hearings System. It also aims to help Kinship Carers better prepare children and young people in their care who are going to a Hearing.

The guide provides detail on being a Relevant Person and also directs carers to SCRA’s information materials for children and young people.

You can view the guide here.

Jennifer Orren, SCRA’s Participation Officer, said: “It is really important that everyone involved in the Hearings System has all the information they need, particularly if they are helping a child or young person prepare before going to a Hearing.

“We hope this new guide will help Kinship Carers have a better understanding of the system and inform them of the rights of children and young people in their care. We know this will help children and young people feel more secure and prepared for their Hearing.”

For more information, please visit the Parents and Carers section of our website.

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