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Information for Parents and Carers

Polaroid picture of a young boy
Welcome to the Parents and Carers section of our website.

The Children’s Hearings System is the legal system for children and young people in Scotland who are either at risk or who have been caught offending.

Children and their family or carers become involved in the Children’s Hearings System if the child is getting into trouble with the police, there are concerns that they are being abused, they are taking drugs or alcohol, or they are not attending school.

The Children’s Hearings System makes decisions on what to do to help children, to protect them and to address their behaviour.

Here you will find information that you may need if your child or a child or young person in your care has been referred to the Children's Reporter.

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Parents/Carers leaflet

Information resource for Foster Carers

Foster Carers ebook
The e-book aims to provide new Foster Carers with introductory information about the Children’s Hearings System.

Information resource for Foster Carers

If  you would like to print a copy of the ebook, please click here.

Change of address

Please help us keep your address details up to date.

If you have moved, or are about to move, please get in touch with your local SCRA office, or the Reporter who has been writing to you, as soon as possible, and give them your new address details.
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