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Equality and Diversity

SCRA's Single Equality Scheme 2013/14

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SCRA is committed to ensuring it not only complies with equalities legislation and best practice, but mainstreams equalities into everything we do.

Under public sector equality duty, SCRA has a General Duty to have due regard and the need to:

• Eliminate unlawful conduct, which is prohibited under the Equality Act 2010

• Advance equality of opportunity across relevant protected characteristics

• Foster good relations across relevant protected characteristics.

Examples of mainstreaming equality and our adherence to the general duty, are detailed in our Equality Scheme which is currently being finalised. It will be available on our website later this year.

Click here to view SCRA's Single Equality Scheme 2013/14.

If you have any queries about equality and diversity matters relating to SCRA please contact:

Equal Pay Statement

SCRA – Equal Pay Statement

SCRA is committed to the principle of Equal Pay for all employees.  We aim to ensure that procedures are in place to determine pay and conditions of employment which do not discriminate unlawfully and are free from gender and other bias.

We understand the benefits of operating a fair pay system which is transparent and is based on objective criteria.  We are committed to taking action to ensure that equal pay is in place for like work, work rated as equivalent and work of equal value.  We believe that in eliminating bias from pay systems we are promoting positive relations amongst staff, partners and the wider community.

We also believe that practices such as flexible working and access to training and job opportunities contribute to the creation of a culture which values its staff and eliminates unlawful discrimination.

Click here to view SCRA's Equal Pay Statement.

Click here to view SCRA's Equal Pay Gap by Gender.

SCRA Equalities Outcomes

In 2012 SCRA established a joint Equalities Network with UNISON.  This network was tasked with developing the outcomes which SCRA has published in pursuance of fulfilling its specific equalities duties.  The Equalities Network wants these outcomes to be resonant for staff and service users, be accessible and easily understood, and be measurable, so that we can report on progress. 

View SCRA's Equality Outcomes.

SCRA Equalities Statistics 2013

As an organisation committed to complying with the Equalities Legislation, SCRA will provide organisational statistics on protected characteristics, as well as analysed comparisons between staff groups.

Click here to view SCRA's Equalities Statistics 2013.

Equality Impact Assessments

SCRA is required to carry out Equality Impact Assessments (EIA) on every service it provides as it has a duty to assure the public and the Scottish Government that it has considered how its services reflect the needs of the communities it serves. We will prioritise EIA’s where we are proposing changes to policies, practice or services and will also undertake some limited retrospective assessments. 

SCRA has developed a process to undertake Equality Impact Assessments and has also produced a guidance document.

There are two EIA forms. The first is a preliminary assessment form, which when completed determines whether a full Equality Impact Assessment has to be carried out.

Completed SCRA EIA's can be viewed below:

Children and Families Survey 2012

Stress Management Policy 2013
Pay Offer 2012/13
Hearings Management Practice Guidance 2013
Voluntary Redundancy/Voluntary Early Retirement 2012/13
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